Our People

The ECH team is committed to promptly meeting the needs of the customer.

ECH employs over 70 people nationally to bring to life its goal of being an industry leader in the safety, quality and innovation of its products. While customers and suppliers may not deal with every group of our staff, the hard work of each is apparent in the prompt, friendly delivery of quality products to customers.


As leaders of ECH, the executives drive the company’s direction based on their clear vision of ECH as an industry leader in producing safe, tough, innovative wear parts and attachments. Experienced and with great industry and managerial knowledge, the executives, like the sales team, aim to meet the needs of customers.


First and foremost, our sales team is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers. Of all our staff, the sales team has the best knowledge of our products, and is always looking out for new innovations within the earthmoving industry to benefit ECH’s product range and the customer. Members of the sales team are polite, knowledgeable, hard-working and organised, aiming to provide the customer with the appropriate products to suit their needs as quickly as possible.


The engineering staff is responsible for ensuring ECH products are as tough, reliable and innovative as possible. Experienced in their field, members of the engineering staff are up-to-date with advancements in both the products themselves and the design process.


Hard-working, experienced and resourceful, the production staff is responsible for bringing the engineers’ vision of cutting-edge, quality products to life. Members of the production staff are dedicated to building products within the shortest timeframe possible, whilst paying close attention to stringent quality-control measures.


The logistics team supports the production and sales staff, coordinating the production and delivery of products. Organised, the logistics staff is committed to ensuring stock reaches customers completely and as quickly as possible.