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ECH Attachments Range Brochure

Safe, tough, productive earth moving attachments.


ECH Wear Parts Range Brochure

Wear parts when you need them. Wherever you are.


ECH XD 4-in-1 Bucket Brochure

The New Generation Bucket. An ECH XD 4 in 1 Multi Purpose Bucket transforms a skid steer loader into a versatile, powerful piece of construction equipment with increased earning potential.


Feurst Turnkey, Fastkey & Sidekey Brochure

With over 50 years of experience, Feurst bring you the latest in quality wear parts. Proudly distributed exclusively by ECH.

ECH Extreme Service Buckets brochure pdf download

Extreme Service Buckets brochure

The ECH heavy duty buckets are the BEST designed and built bucket available! Built to customer specifications providing the right tool for the right job. They are perfect for extreme applications.

ECH GR8 Compactor brochure pdf download

ECH GR8 Compactor brochure

The best cleat for compaction, traction and wear life. The GR8 cap is easily replaceable using a patented retaining system.

ECH I-Lock Tilt Hitch brochure pdf download

ECH I-Lock Tilt Hitch brochure

The Wedgelock I-Lock Tilt™ hitch is the ultimate in tilting hitches. Featuring the unique elliptic rotary actuator the low profile design allows the hitch to deliver more breakout force and the patented design incorporates the instant and independent safety locking mechanism.

ECH I-Lock Coupler brochure pdf download

ECH I-Lock Coupler brochure

I-Lock is the worlds first independently controlled secondary safety system that ensures the attachment is secured to the quick coupler before the primary locking device is engaged. The I-Lock™ safety knuckle stays engaged until such time as the operator chooses to release it and safely lowers and places the attachment in a secure position.