Absolutely better by design

gr8get is now a proud part of ECH. We will continue to offer the same product range and sales support.

GR8 Compactor Cleats
gr8get have been designed to:
  • Obtain wear life equal to and better than competitors
  • Have teeth wear sharp and no spin out
  • Provide grip, chopping & shredding (even on hard or frozen surfaces)
  • Have concave surfaces for better self clean
  • Have patented spring continually keep things tight all of life
  • Have this patented spring remove and replace easily when needed
  • Changeout safely in minutes not hours
  • Replace using semi-skilled labor (not welders or mechanics)
  • Cost less over whole life, even that weld on.

Waste & Landfill Compactor Caps

The best cleat for compaction, traction and wear life. The GR8 cap is easily replaceable using a patented retaining system.

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